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Dungeon Defenders Release

October 21, 2011
Dungeon Defenders

Today on Steam Dungeon Defenders was released at twelve in the morning today.  The game is very similar to the Dungeon Defenders First Wave with some changes which I will note.

  1. Apprentice now is considered the novice.
  2. Squire now is considered intermediate.
  3. Now there are two new classes that are locked Barbarian and Series EV.

The game works well on the PC with the Xbox controller.  The only thing I have gotten is some tearing of the video when playing.  I also got the chance to play online using steam.  It was not bad at all.  I was able to do a private match.

The game runs on the concept of RPG and tower defense.  The game can also get addicting since it is very fun and simple.

As a NOTE for those who are currently playing and are new:  Since this happened to me an hour after the game came on for P.C.  I went online and did a Public match.  Then a few minutes later I got kicked because I am no one’s friend who was in the group.  For those who only want to play with friends.  That is why they have private match.

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